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Orthopaedic Conditions
• Musculoskeletal disorders (Low back pain, neck pain, postural
• Inflammatory conditions (Frozen shoulder, arthritis, plantar
• Pre- and post-operative rehabilitation
• Sports injuries (Ligament sprains, muscle strains)

Women’s Health Physiotherapy
Our Women’s Health program include the following:
• Pre- and post-natal rehabilitation
• Incontinence care
• Pain management (pelvic girdle and low back pain)
• Pelvic floor muscle strengthening with the aid of real time ultra
sound imaging (RTUI)

Neurological Rehabilitation
We provide multi-disciplinary rehabilitation programs which include home modification, family education and compensatory strategies to maximize the functional capability of patients with neurological disorders such as:
• Stroke
• Parkinson’s disease
• Cerebral palsy

Customized Orthotics and Knee Braces
We prescribe corrective measures such as Rehabilitator knee braces and customized foot orthotics to improve body dynamics and manage chronic conditions.

Walking and Running Analysis using Digitsole Pro

Lines -Physical Therapy Fitness


Specialized - Physical Therapy Philippines

Manual Therapy
o Soft tissue mobilization
    Active release technique
    Trigger point release
    Soft tissue and fascial release
    Muscle Flossing
    Active and Passive Isolated stretching
o Joint mobilization
o Muscle energy techniques
o Dry cupping


Radial Shockwave Therapy – A non-invasive modality that uses acoustic wave to carry high energy to painful spots and muscle tissues to promote the regenerative processes of the soft tissues with:

• Muscle strain (hamstring strain, etc)                       

• Inflammatory conditions (plantar fasciitis,frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, etc) 

 Tendinopathies (Achilles tendinitis, etc.)                                                    

• Myofascial pain syndrome (trigger points)     


High- Powered Laser Therapy – A heating modality that penetrates deep into soft tissues which aid in soft tissue healing. It can be used to treat the following conditions:                                 

• Tendinopathy (e.g. Achilles tendinitis, tennis elbow).                

• Muscle strain                                                                               

• Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis                                        

• Jaw or TMJ soreness                                                                               

• Wound healing                                                                           

• Bell’s palsy


Electrical Stimulation – used to stimulate muscles with weakness. This is also used as a pain modality (TENS), and to decrease swelling in a specific area.


Spinal Decompression – nonsurgical decompression technique with the use of spinal traction machine and table. In our facility, we utilize a modern 3D traction table to adjust the spine in its position of comfort. This is used with the goals of relieving pain and promoting optimal healing for conditions with back pain such as disc herniations or bulging disc, pinched nerve/ sciatica, or for those with degenerative disc.


Thermal modalities (Hot/ Cold) – This is used for swelling, pain management, and to futher decrease spasm and increase the range of motion
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound- In our facility, we utilize musculosckeletal ultrasound to visualize your muscles and joint. We use this imaging technique to visualize and train your deep core muscles.


Pressure Biofeedback – we utilize pressure biofeedback to detect the movement of the cervical and lumbar spine associated with the contraction of the deep core muscles. We use this to know if the specific muscles are under or overworking

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